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Wurtsboro Airport has a long history and specializes in glider or sailplane instruction. The terms glider and sailplane are used interchangeably. We also provide instruction for add on glider ratings to those already possessing a Pilots Certificate. For a new pilot the sequence is flight instruction with our flight instructor until competent to solo.

The amount of pre-solo instruction varies widely with individuals, and their schedules. When ready to solo the flight instructor gives an in-house written exam and then endorses the pilots logbook for solo. At that time the new pilot will be able to soar by themselves. The required flight experience for a Private Pilot Glider Rating is:. The final step is the Private Pilot Practical Test for the glider rating. This is taken with an examiner authorized by the FAA. Pilots with at least 40 hours of flight time are only required to have 3 hours of flight time and 10 solo flights in gliders [ FAR Glider Instruction Ground and Air.

wurtsboro airport gliding

Glider Instruction. Simulated Rope Break. Tow Rates. Additional ft. Rental Rates. Schleicher ASK Schweizer Instruction Rates.This blog was originally meant to share with family and friends what I'm up to during my temporary retirement, to hold me accountable for what I had intended to do.

My sabbath from full-time work may be over, but I want to continue to make my relationship with Him the focus of my life and to be a faithful preacher of the gospel wherever I go. I would love to share with you all the rest of this journey that God is taking me on, step by step.

My pilot's name was Solomon - he's Egyptian and has been flying since That made me feel slightly better. Solomon explained what all the dials meant and told me that he was going to let me pilot when we got into the air!

I got strapped into my seat and the plane took off, with us behind it!! It was a little wobbly going up because we were being pulled, but once we got to 2, feet it was fairly smooth and I pulled the ejector cord and we were free!

It's amazing that without an engine a plane that small can be so smooth in the air - it didn't even feel like we were moving most of the time. I did feel kind of nauseated when Solomon was increasing our altitude by using an up-current - so basically you keep turning in circles as if you're going up a column in order to get higher until we hit 4, feet.

Sof I do not recommend this for you, you would have thrown up I think. For the most part, it was very comfortable and relaxing after that - sometimes we'd hit air pockets that made it a bit bumpy but it wasn't too terrible. My pilot was really cool - he let me control the glider for most of the ride, primarily just turning or straightening out the wings. Then I got tired cuz I was gripping the controller so hard, haha, so I told him to take over. The landing was so accurate and smooth - it's as if he were flying a normal plane, there was no problem getting onto the runway whenever he wanted to.

Supposedly these gliders can stay in the air for hours at a time if the weather permits. There are even gliding competitions - it's a sport! So all in all, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be, although I was still very tense in the plane. I think a few people in our group said it was so relaxing that they were about to fall asleep in the air - they are more adventurous than me :.

David our fearless leader was the first to go in this green plane! He liked it so much he went again at the end after all of us went, haha! I don't know how he does it - he's much older than us but he's got so much youth and energy - we can't even keep up with him half the time!

I really do think that it's because he has such an amazing relationship with God - his love for God is reflected in how he lives his life - there is so much evidence of joy and peace and freedom which I guess makes one youthful! Here's a picture of the engine plane pulling the glider the green plane behind it.

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A glider about to land. It took every ounce of effort to actually smile - I was so nervous!

Wurtsboro Airport Gliding

I went up in the air right after Jackson did. I let him take my camera cuz I knew I'd be too tense and scared to take pictures. So here are the pics he took - my pics would have been very similar anyway. This is my glider! I was below him cuz he was already at 4, feet when I was on my way up.

Post a Comment. Beautiful Feet. Monday, July 20, Gliding at Wurtsboro Airport. This past Sunday, our young adult group leader took us gliding in upstate New York.Take a ride with one of our FAA-certified commercial glider pilots! You will be first be briefed on what to expect, aircraft instruments and control functions, and safety features. You will be helped into the sailplane the terms glider and sailplane are used interchangeablythe towplane will pull up and its towrope will be attached to the glider.

You follow the towplane up to your release altitude, then release. The towplane dives away to the left and back to the field.

Your sailplane slows, it becomes quieter and it is as if you are floating through the air. The huge canopy allows a fabulous view, and on a very clear day the New York City skyline can be seen.

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These are the currents and updrafts that are used to soar. On a still day the glider is sinking at about 2 mph, the speed of a slow walk, while your forward speed is about 50 mph. If air currents are favorable they are rising at a rate greater than you are descending and you gain altitude; this is what we call soaring.

Whether you soar or not, you will slowly glide back to the airport, all the while enjoying the view and learning about the joy of flying as explained by your pilot.

wurtsboro airport gliding

The pilot will also be pointing out landmarks. It is quiet enough to speak in a normal voice. When you return to the airfield the pilot will fly a pattern around the runway and land. After touching down the glider will roll up to within feet of where your glider experience started. You have a choice of two different gliders for your ride.

Our introductory flight is minutes, and is recommended for first time flyers.

Glider Does 2 Low Passes and Lands

You may want to consider a soaring flight in either glider. This flight is only possible when there are good soaring conditions and it will last minutes. The soaring flight is twice as long conditions permitting as the intro ride and will give you a better idea of what it is like to soar like a bird. This sailplane is the most popular trainer used in the U. Recommended for first-time flyers. This is a high performance fiberglass sailplane built in Germany. The higher performance comes in the form of a greater glide ratio.

Conditions permitting.

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You are towed up to 5, feet above sea level. Gift Certificates are available for all of our ride options, just give us a call and give the gift of flight today! Glider Rides. Schweizer It is privately owned by Shalom Lamm. It is believed to be the oldest operating glider airport in the nation.

The grave of Manual Gonsalusthe first non-Indian settler, is located on the Airport. His tombstone is dated April 18,and is one of the oldest tombstones in the state. Before it was an airport, it was the Helm Family farm. The first known operator of the Wurtsboro Airport was Lee Lord, he gave flying lessons in the —30s.

Anthony raised his family on the airport, in the old homestead that used to reside there. The Barones kept it a family business for many years, with both George and his sister Patricia running the business. Patricia and George ran a very well known airport offering glider and airplane rides, lessons and rental with many private clientele from New York City. Including the late Christopher Reevewho used to fly gliders out of the airport.

The airport is located on Barone Road in the town of Mamakating, just north of the village of Wurtsboro. After the sudden illness and subsequent deaths of both George and Patricia Barone, the airport was sold by the remaining family. In the airport was acquired by Shalom Lamm. The airport still offers scenic airplane and glider rides today, as well as flying lessons, aircraft rental and aircraft maintenance.

Services available: [1]. There are 97 aircraft based at this airport: 52 single-engine and 45 gliders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Wurtsboro Airport. Wurtsboro—Sullivan County Airport. Sources: FAA[1] airport website [2]. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Mamakating, New York. Aircraft operations 70,Flying a glider, or sailplane, is one big science lesson. Asphalt, a cleared field or any other exposed area is a good place to gain altitude — the asphalt heats the air above it, which continues rising all the way up.

A glider pilot has to find that warm rising air, circle around in it and let it lift the plane. Cotton ball clouds with gray undersides, on the other hand, are perfect for a glider. Are you disoriented yet?

I was. Poor Jim. I was a terrible student. I am in awe of all the glider pilots whose heads are stuffed full of knowledge about clouds, air temperatures, landscapes and wind patterns. And here I thought they were just steering.

Flying a glider is one big science lesson

Next time you see a glider bobbing around above Middletown or shooting down the Shawangunk Ridge, remember that the pilot is reading the skies, hopping from cloud to cloud and surfing up funnels of rising air. If you want to see it up close and personal, gliders from across the region are descending on Wurtsboro airport this week for the Club Class Nationals June And if you want to learn how to surf the sky, Jim gives lessons.

I think I need to sign up for my next one. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Site Archive.A glider crash at Wurtsboro Airport killed the pilot on impact, police said. State Police identified the dead pilot as Thomas R. Johnston, 52, of North Granby, Conn. Investigator Norman Kantrowitz said Johnston died on impact from massive trauma.

Police said Johnston had been a licensed private pilot sinceand had flown gliders before. He was at Wurtsboro Airport yesterday with a friend but Johnston was alone in the glider when it crashed. The friend was on the ground when the crash happened, police said. Kantrowitz said Johnston was apparently coming in for a landing about p. As the glider approached the runway, the aircraft banked poorly on a left turn, Kantrowitz said.

The fiberglass-bodied Discus glider dropped nose-first from an altitude of about feet into swampy, wooded terrain. The glider landed about 1, feet from the northwest end of the runway. Cars passing on Route slowed or pulled over to the shoulder to watch as a State Police Aviation helicopter circled above the crash site. State Police troopers, investigators, Wurtsboro firefighters and emergency medical technicians from the Mamakating Volunteer Ambulance Corps all responded.

State Police Sgt. Todd Burdick said the crash was reported by the Wurtsboro Airport owners. The owners of the airport declined to comment. Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration were expected to examine the crash last night. The FAA investigates all airplane crashes. The plane will probably be removed today, Kantrowitz said. The airport is just off Routeabout 2 miles northwest of the Village of Wurtsboro.

The last fatal crash at the airport was inwhen a Queens man lost control of a small, experimental plane he had built himself. In that incident, the man reportedly made a high-speed pass of the airfield, even though airport personnel had told him not to do so. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Site Archive.Hours: 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

wurtsboro airport gliding

View south from the Shawangunk Ridge across Wurtsboro outskirts and Bashakill. It sits in a valley not far from Ellenville which is a popular hang gliding and paragliding spot.

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If you're looking for a fun time, make plans to visit this place. But when Steve and Myra married, Art disappeared. Mamakating hosts the oldest, continuously-operating soaring airport in the US attracting visitors from around the world.

wurtsboro airport gliding

We do not take reservations. Recommended Posts. Your airplane ride with up to 2 of your friends will be in the Wurtsboro Airport Cessna Wurtsboro is also home to the Metro Airhoppers Soaring Club. What makes this area great for soaring is the large ridge that cuts through it. Wurtsboro Flight Management LLC maintains the airport property and facilities while also managing a fleet of gliders and airplanes for rides, lessons, tows and rental.

His job was to use his pilotage and dead reckoning skills to navigate the aircraft to the first waypoint on his flight plan; he had selected Wurtsboro Sullivan County airport N The trophy is the Boomerang, pictured above.

It is believed to be the oldest operating glider airport in the nation. We offer glider rides, airplane rides, instruction, maintenance, and other services. Sorry we do not fly during the week. Hang gliding and airplane rides. Call us today to make your appointment www. Wurtsboro, NY Wurtsboro Airport is the oldest operating glider airport in the nation. Wurtsboro Airport has a long history and specializes in glider or sailplane instruction.

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So basically a small plane with an engine is attached to a glider 2-seater plane with no engine by a long cord. Wurtsboro Airport has been pioneering aviation since…. This was a fun and. In the foreground, the burnt stems of thousands of scrub oak bushes stood out in black, but the rest of the landscape was green. Airport Manager Daniel Depew has led the effort to give the facility a complete makeover from fresh paint on hangars, new concrete floors, new fencing, soon-to-be repaved runways and taxiways and refurbished airplanes and gliders.

We are open 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM. Wurtsboro airport and Blairstown airport are each about an hour from my house. A scenic flight over the Mamakating Valley. Wurtsboro, New York trout streams, glider airport, casino, and shops.

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